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Packages that use I2PSessionMuxedListener
net.i2p.client Implements the base I2P SDK for developing applications that communicate through I2P. 

Uses of I2PSessionMuxedListener in net.i2p.client

Classes in net.i2p.client that implement I2PSessionMuxedListener
 class I2PSessionDemultiplexer
          Implement multiplexing with a 1-byte 'protocol' and a two-byte 'port'.

Methods in net.i2p.client with parameters of type I2PSessionMuxedListener
 void I2PSessionDemultiplexer.addMuxedListener(I2PSessionMuxedListener l, int proto, int port)
          For those that do care UDP perhaps
 void I2PSessionImpl2.addMuxedSessionListener(I2PSessionMuxedListener l, int proto, int port)
 void I2PSession.addMuxedSessionListener(I2PSessionMuxedListener l, int proto, int port)
          See I2PSessionMuxedImpl for details
 void I2PSessionMuxedImpl.addMuxedSessionListener(I2PSessionMuxedListener l, int proto, int port)
          Listen on specified protocol and port, and receive notification of proto, fromPort, and toPort for every message.