Class ExecNamingService

  extended by net.i2p.client.naming.NamingService
      extended by net.i2p.client.naming.ExecNamingService

public class ExecNamingService
extends NamingService

An interface to an external naming service program, with in-memory caching. This can be used as a simple and flexible way to experiment with alternative naming systems. The external command takes a hostname argument and must return (only) the 516-byte Base64 destination, or hostname=dest, on stdout. A trailing \n or \r\n is acceptable. The command must exit 0 on success. Nonzero on failure is optional. The external command can do local and/or remote (via i2p or not) lookups. No timeouts are implemented here - the author of the external program must ensure that the program returns in a reasonable amount of time - (15 sec max suggested) Can be used from MetaNamingService, (e.g. after HostsTxtNamingService), or as the sole naming service. Sample chained config to put in configadvanced.jsp (restart required): i2p.naming.impl=net.i2p.client.naming.MetaNamingService i2p.nameservicelist=net.i2p.client.naming.HostsTxtNamingService,net.i2p.client.naming.ExecNamingService i2p.naming.exec.command=/usr/local/bin/i2presolve Sample unchained config to put in configadvanced.jsp (restart required): i2p.naming.impl=net.i2p.client.naming.ExecNamingService i2p.naming.exec.command=/usr/local/bin/i2presolve

Field Summary
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Constructor Summary
ExecNamingService(I2PAppContext context)
          The naming service should only be constructed and accessed through the application context.
Method Summary
 Destination lookup(java.lang.String hostname)
          Look up a host name.
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Constructor Detail


public ExecNamingService(I2PAppContext context)
The naming service should only be constructed and accessed through the application context. This constructor should only be used by the appropriate application context itself.

Method Detail


public Destination lookup(java.lang.String hostname)
Description copied from class: NamingService
Look up a host name.

Specified by:
lookup in class NamingService
the Destination for this host name, or null if name is unknown.