Package net.i2p.crypto

Interface Summary
EntropyHarvester Allow various components with some entropy to feed that entropy back into some PRNG.
TagSetHandle An opaque handle to a TagSet returned by the SessionKeyManager, so that OCMOSJ can report that the tags were later acked, or not.

Class Summary
AESEngine Dummy wrapper for AES cipher operation.
CryptixAESEngine Wrapper for AES cypher operation using Cryptix's Rijndael implementation.
CryptixAESKeyCache Cache the objects used in CryptixRijndael_Algorithm.makeKey to reduce memory churn.
CryptixAESKeyCache.KeyCacheEntry all the data alloc'ed in a makeKey call
CryptixRijndael_Algorithm Rijndael --pronounced Reindaal-- is a variable block-size (128-, 192- and 256-bit), variable key-size (128-, 192- and 256-bit) symmetric cipher.
CryptoConstants Prime for ElGamal from Primes for DSA: Generated by TheCrypto
DHSessionKeyBuilder Generate a new session key through a diffie hellman exchange.
DummyDSAEngine Stub that offers no authentication.
DummyElGamalEngine Fake ElG E and D, useful for when performance isn't being tested
ElGamalAESEngine Handles the actual ElGamal+AES encryption and decryption scenarios using the supplied keys and data.
ElGamalEngine Wrapper for ElGamal encryption/signature schemes.
HMAC256Generator Calculate the HMAC-SHA256 of a key+message.
HMACGenerator Calculate the HMAC-MD5 of a key+message.
KeyGenerator Define a way of generating asymmetrical key pairs as well as symmetrical keys
SessionKeyManager Manage the session keys and session tags used for encryption and decryption.
SHA1 The FIPS PUB 180-2 standard specifies four secure hash algorithms (SHA-1, SHA-256, SHA-384 and SHA-512) for computing a condensed representation of electronic data (message).
SHA256Generator Defines a wrapper for SHA-256 operation.
TransientSessionKeyManager Implement the session key management, but keep everything in memory (don't write to disk).
TrustedUpdate Handles DSA signing and verification of update files.
YKGenerator Precalculate the Y and K for ElGamal encryption operations.

Exception Summary