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net.i2p.client.streaming Implements a TCP-like (reliable, authenticated, in order) set of sockets for communicating over the IP-like (unreliable, unauthenticated, unordered) I2P messages. 
net.i2p.crypto These classes define the common data structures used by the various I2P protocols. The Invisible Internet Network Protocol (I2NP) is only a part of how an application can send messages over the network. 
net.i2p.util These classes define the several useful utilities used throughout the router and applications. 

Uses of ByteArray in net.i2p.client.streaming

Methods in net.i2p.client.streaming that return ByteArray
 ByteArray Packet.acquirePayload()
 ByteArray Packet.getPayload()
          get the actual payload of the message.

Methods in net.i2p.client.streaming with parameters of type ByteArray
 boolean MessageInputStream.messageReceived(long messageId, ByteArray payload)
          A new message has arrived - toss it on the appropriate queue (moving previously pending messages to the ready queue if it fills the gap, etc).
 void Packet.setPayload(ByteArray payload)

Uses of ByteArray in net.i2p.crypto

Methods in net.i2p.crypto that return ByteArray
 ByteArray DHSessionKeyBuilder.getExtraBytes()
          Retrieve the extra bytes beyond the session key resulting from the DH exchange.

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 class SessionTag

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Fields in declared as ByteArray
protected  ByteArray[] TunnelBuildReplyMessage._records
protected  ByteArray[] TunnelBuildMessage._records

Methods in that return ByteArray
 ByteArray BuildRequestRecord.getData()
 ByteArray TunnelBuildReplyMessage.getRecord(int index)
 ByteArray TunnelBuildMessage.getRecord(int index)

Methods in with parameters of type ByteArray
 boolean BuildRequestRecord.decryptRecord(I2PAppContext ctx, PrivateKey ourKey, Hash ourIdent, ByteArray encryptedRecord)
          Decrypt the data from the specified record, writing the decrypted record into this instance's buffer (but not overwriting the array contained within the old buffer)
 void BuildRequestRecord.setData(ByteArray data)
 void TunnelBuildReplyMessage.setRecord(int index, ByteArray record)
 void TunnelBuildMessage.setRecord(int index, ByteArray record)

Constructors in with parameters of type ByteArray
BuildRequestRecord(ByteArray data)

Uses of ByteArray in net.i2p.i2ptunnel

Fields in net.i2p.i2ptunnel declared as ByteArray
protected  ByteArray HTTPResponseOutputStream._headerBuffer

Uses of ByteArray in net.i2p.router.transport.udp

Methods in net.i2p.router.transport.udp that return ByteArray
 ByteArray[] InboundMessageState.getFragments()

Uses of ByteArray in net.i2p.router.tunnel

Methods in net.i2p.router.tunnel that return ByteArray
 ByteArray HopConfig.getReplyIV()
          iv used to encrypt the reply sent for the new tunnel creation crypto

Methods in net.i2p.router.tunnel with parameters of type ByteArray
 void HopConfig.setReplyIV(ByteArray iv)

Uses of ByteArray in net.i2p.util

Methods in net.i2p.util that return ByteArray
 ByteArray ByteCache.acquire()
          Get the next available structure, either from the cache or a brand new one

Methods in net.i2p.util with parameters of type ByteArray
 void ByteCache.release(ByteArray entry)
          Put this structure back onto the available cache for reuse
 void ByteCache.release(ByteArray entry, boolean shouldZero)