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net.i2p.client Implements the base I2P SDK for developing applications that communicate through I2P. The Invisible Internet Client Protocol (I2CP) allows applications simplified access to the I2P network without requiring them to deal with the issues involved with the Invisible Internet Network Protocol (I2NP). 

Uses of I2CPMessageReader in net.i2p.client

Fields in net.i2p.client declared as I2CPMessageReader
protected  I2CPMessageReader I2PSessionImpl._reader
          reader that always searches for messages

Methods in net.i2p.client with parameters of type I2CPMessageReader
 void I2PSessionImpl.disconnected(I2CPMessageReader reader)
          Recieve notification that the I2CP connection was disconnected
 void I2PSessionImpl.messageReceived(I2CPMessageReader reader, I2CPMessage message)
          Recieve notification of some I2CP message and handle it if possible
 void I2PSessionImpl.readError(I2CPMessageReader reader, java.lang.Exception error)
          Recieve notifiation of an error reading the I2CP stream

Uses of I2CPMessageReader in

Methods in with parameters of type I2CPMessageReader
 void I2CPMessageReader.I2CPMessageEventListener.disconnected(I2CPMessageReader reader)
          Notify the listener that the stream the given reader was running off closed
 void I2CPMessageReader.I2CPMessageEventListener.messageReceived(I2CPMessageReader reader, I2CPMessage message)
          Notify the listener that a message has been received from the given reader
 void I2CPMessageReader.I2CPMessageEventListener.readError(I2CPMessageReader reader, java.lang.Exception error)
          Notify the listener that an exception was thrown while reading from the given reader

Uses of I2CPMessageReader in net.i2p.router.client

Methods in net.i2p.router.client with parameters of type I2CPMessageReader
 void ClientMessageEventListener.disconnected(I2CPMessageReader reader)
 void ClientMessageEventListener.messageReceived(I2CPMessageReader reader, I2CPMessage message)
          Handle an incoming message and dispatch it to the appropriate handler
 void ClientMessageEventListener.readError(I2CPMessageReader reader, java.lang.Exception error)
          Handle notification that there was an error