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net.i2p.client Implements the base I2P SDK for developing applications that communicate through I2P. The Invisible Internet Client Protocol (I2CP) allows applications simplified access to the I2P network without requiring them to deal with the issues involved with the Invisible Internet Network Protocol (I2NP). 

Uses of SessionId in net.i2p.client

Methods in net.i2p.client that return SessionId
(package private)  SessionId I2PSessionImpl.getSessionId()
          Retrieve the session's ID

Methods in net.i2p.client with parameters of type SessionId
(package private)  void I2PSessionImpl.setSessionId(SessionId id)

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Methods in that return SessionId
 SessionId DestroySessionMessage.getSessionId()
 SessionId SendMessageMessage.getSessionId()
 SessionId ReconfigureSessionMessage.getSessionId()
 SessionId RequestLeaseSetMessage.getSessionId()
 SessionId CreateLeaseSetMessage.getSessionId()
 SessionId ReportAbuseMessage.getSessionId()
 SessionId SessionStatusMessage.getSessionId()

Methods in with parameters of type SessionId
 void DestroySessionMessage.setSessionId(SessionId id)
 void SendMessageMessage.setSessionId(SessionId id)
 void ReconfigureSessionMessage.setSessionId(SessionId id)
 void RequestLeaseSetMessage.setSessionId(SessionId id)
 void CreateLeaseSetMessage.setSessionId(SessionId id)
 void ReportAbuseMessage.setSessionId(SessionId id)
 void SessionStatusMessage.setSessionId(SessionId id)

Uses of SessionId in net.i2p.router.client

Methods in net.i2p.router.client that return SessionId
(package private)  SessionId ClientConnectionRunner.getSessionId()
          current client's sessionId

Methods in net.i2p.router.client with parameters of type SessionId
(package private)  void ClientConnectionRunner.setSessionId(SessionId id)