Package net.i2p.i2ptunnel.socks

Class Summary
MultiSink Sends to one of many Sinks
ReplyTracker Track who the reply goes to
SOCKSHeader Save the SOCKS header from a datagram Ref: RFC 1928
SOCKSServer Abstract base class used by all SOCKS servers.
SOCKSServerFactory Factory class for creating SOCKS forwarders through I2P
SOCKSUDPPort Implements a UDP port and Socks encapsulation / decapsulation.
SOCKSUDPTunnel A Datagram Tunnel that can have multiple bidirectional ports on the UDP side.
SOCKSUDPUnwrapper Strip a SOCKS header off a datagram, convert it to a Destination Ref: RFC 1928
SOCKSUDPWrapper Put a SOCKS header on a datagram Ref: RFC 1928

Exception Summary
SOCKSException Exception thrown by socket methods