Interface HandlerJobBuilder

All Known Implementing Classes:
DatabaseLookupMessageHandler, DatabaseStoreMessageHandler, FloodfillDatabaseLookupMessageHandler, FloodfillDatabaseStoreMessageHandler, GarlicMessageHandler

public interface HandlerJobBuilder

Defines a class that builds jobs to handle a particular message - these builders are registered with the InNetMessagePool for various I2NP message types, allowing immediate queueing of a handler job rather than waiting for a polling job to come pick it up.

Method Summary
 Job createJob(I2NPMessage receivedMessage, RouterIdentity from, Hash fromHash)
          Create a new job to handle the received message.

Method Detail


Job createJob(I2NPMessage receivedMessage,
              RouterIdentity from,
              Hash fromHash)
Create a new job to handle the received message.

receivedMessage - I2NP message received
from - router that sent the message (if available)
fromHash - hash of the routerIdentity of the router that sent the message (if available)
a job or null if no particular job is appropriate (in which case, the message should go into the inbound message pool)