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Uses of ClientTunnelSettings in net.i2p.router

Methods in net.i2p.router with parameters of type ClientTunnelSettings
 void TunnelManagerFacade.buildTunnels(Destination client, ClientTunnelSettings settings)
          the client connected (or updated their settings), so make sure we have the tunnels for them, and whenever necessary, ask them to authorize leases.
 void DummyTunnelManagerFacade.buildTunnels(Destination client, ClientTunnelSettings settings)

Uses of ClientTunnelSettings in net.i2p.router.tunnel.pool

Methods in net.i2p.router.tunnel.pool with parameters of type ClientTunnelSettings
 void TunnelPoolManager.buildTunnels(Destination client, ClientTunnelSettings settings)
          Used only at session startup.