Package net.i2p.router.client

Class Summary
ClientConnectionRunner Bridge the router and the client - managing state for a client.
ClientListenerRunner Listen for connections on the specified port, and toss them onto the client manager's set of connections once they are established.
ClientManager Coordinate connections and various tasks
ClientManagerFacadeImpl Base impl of the client facade
ClientMessageEventListener Receive events from the client and handle them accordingly (updating the runner when necessary)
ClientWriterRunner Async writer class so that if a client app hangs, they wont take down the whole router with them (since otherwise the JobQueue would block until the client reads from their i2cp socket, causing all sorts of bad shit to happen)
CreateSessionJob Given an established connection, walk through the process of establishing the lease set.
InternalClientListenerRunner Listen for in-JVM connections on the internal "socket"
LeaseRequestState Bundle up the data points necessary when asynchronously requesting a lease from a client
LookupDestJob Look up the lease of a hash, to convert it to a Destination for the client
MessageReceivedJob Async job to notify the client that a new message is available for them
ReportAbuseJob Async job to send an abuse message to the client
RequestLeaseSetJob Async job to walk the client through generating a lease set.