Package net.i2p.router.message

Interface Summary

Class Summary
CloveSet Wrap up the data contained in a CloveMessage after being decrypted
GarlicConfig Define the contents of a garlic chunk that contains 1 or more sub garlics
GarlicMessageBuilder Build garlic messages based on a GarlicConfig
GarlicMessageHandler HandlerJobBuilder to build jobs to handle GarlicMessages
GarlicMessageParser Read a GarlicMessage, decrypt it, and return the resulting CloveSet
GarlicMessageReceiver Unencrypt a garlic message and pass off any valid cloves to the configured receiver to dispatch as they choose.
HandleGarlicMessageJob Unencrypt a garlic message and handle each of the cloves - locally destined messages are tossed into the inbound network message pool so they're handled as if they arrived locally.
OutboundClientMessageJobHelper Handle a particular client message that is destined for a remote destination.
OutboundClientMessageOneShotJob Send a client message out a random outbound tunnel and into a random inbound tunnel on the target leaseSet.
PayloadGarlicConfig Garlic config containing an I2NP message