Class ExpireRoutersJob

  extended by net.i2p.router.JobImpl
      extended by net.i2p.router.networkdb.kademlia.ExpireRoutersJob
All Implemented Interfaces:

 class ExpireRoutersJob
extends JobImpl

Go through the routing table pick routers that are is out of date, but don't expire routers we're actively connected to. We could in the future use profile data, netdb total size, a Kademlia XOR distance, or other criteria to minimize netdb size, but for now we just use _facade's validate(), which is a sliding expriation based on netdb size.

Constructor Summary
ExpireRoutersJob(RouterContext ctx, KademliaNetworkDatabaseFacade facade)
Method Summary
 java.lang.String getName()
          Descriptive name of the task
 void runJob()
          Actually perform the task.
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Constructor Detail


public ExpireRoutersJob(RouterContext ctx,
                        KademliaNetworkDatabaseFacade facade)
Method Detail


public java.lang.String getName()
Description copied from interface: Job
Descriptive name of the task


public void runJob()
Description copied from interface: Job
Actually perform the task. This call blocks until the Job is complete.