Class SpeedCalculator

  extended by net.i2p.router.peermanager.Calculator
      extended by net.i2p.router.peermanager.SpeedCalculator

public class SpeedCalculator
extends Calculator

Quantify how fast the peer is - how fast they respond to our requests, how fast they pass messages on, etc. This should be affected both by their bandwidth/latency, as well as their load. IMPORTANT - This code has been through many iterations, and some versions were quite complex. If you are considering changes, review the change control history, and see the previous versions in change control to get 400+ lines of old code.

Constructor Summary
SpeedCalculator(RouterContext context)
Method Summary
 double calc(PeerProfile profile)
          Evaluate the profile according to the current metric
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Constructor Detail


public SpeedCalculator(RouterContext context)
Method Detail


public double calc(PeerProfile profile)
Description copied from class: Calculator
Evaluate the profile according to the current metric

calc in class Calculator