Package net.i2p.router.peermanager

Class Summary
Calculator Provide a means of quantifying a profiles fitness in some particular aspect, as well as to coordinate via statics the four known aspects.
CapacityCalculator Estimate how many of our tunnels the peer can join per hour.
DBHistory History of NetDb related activities (lookups, replies, stores, etc)
IntegrationCalculator Determine how well integrated the peer is - how likely they will be useful to us if we are trying to get further connected.
InverseCapacityComparator Order profiles by their capacity, but backwards (highest capacity / value first).
PeerManager Manage the current state of the statistics All the capabilities methods appear to be almost unused - TunnelPeerSelector just looks for unreachables, and that's it?
PeerManagerFacadeImpl Base implementation that has simple algorithms and periodically saves state
PeerProfile Copied from http://www.i2p2.i2p/how_peerselection.html See also main() below for additional commentary by zzz.
PeerTestJob Grab some peers that we want to test and probe them briefly to get some more accurate and up to date performance data.
ProfileOrganizer Keep the peer profiles organized according to the tiered model.
SpeedCalculator Quantify how fast the peer is - how fast they respond to our requests, how fast they pass messages on, etc.
SpeedComparator Order profiles by their speed (lowest first).
TunnelHistory Tunnel related history information