Class TimedWeightedPriorityMessageQueue

  extended by net.i2p.router.transport.udp.TimedWeightedPriorityMessageQueue
All Implemented Interfaces:
MessageQueue, OutboundMessageFragments.ActiveThrottle

public class TimedWeightedPriorityMessageQueue
extends java.lang.Object
implements MessageQueue, OutboundMessageFragments.ActiveThrottle

Weighted priority queue implementation for the outbound messages, coupled with code to fail messages that expire. WARNING - UNUSED since See comments in and mtn history ca. 2006-02-19

Nested Class Summary
static interface TimedWeightedPriorityMessageQueue.FailedListener
Constructor Summary
TimedWeightedPriorityMessageQueue(RouterContext ctx, int[] priorityLimits, int[] weighting, TimedWeightedPriorityMessageQueue.FailedListener lsnr)
          Build up a new queue
Method Summary
 void add(OutNetMessage message)
          Add on a new message to the queue
 void choke(Hash peer)
 OutNetMessage getNext(long blockUntil)
          Grab the next message out of the next queue.
 boolean isChoked(Hash peer)
 void shutdown()
 void unchoke(Hash peer)
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Constructor Detail


public TimedWeightedPriorityMessageQueue(RouterContext ctx,
                                         int[] priorityLimits,
                                         int[] weighting,
                                         TimedWeightedPriorityMessageQueue.FailedListener lsnr)
Build up a new queue

priorityLimits - ordered breakpoint for the different message priorities, with the lowest limit first.
weighting - how much to prefer a given priority grouping. specifically, this means how many messages in this queue should be pulled off in a row before moving on to the next.
Method Detail


public void add(OutNetMessage message)
Description copied from interface: MessageQueue
Add on a new message to the queue

Specified by:
add in interface MessageQueue


public OutNetMessage getNext(long blockUntil)
Grab the next message out of the next queue. This only advances the _nextQueue var after pushing _weighting[currentQueue] messages or the queue is empty. This call blocks until either a message becomes available or the queue is shut down.

Specified by:
getNext in interface MessageQueue
blockUntil - expiration, or -1 if indefinite
message dequeued, or null if the queue was shut down


public void shutdown()


public void choke(Hash peer)
Specified by:
choke in interface OutboundMessageFragments.ActiveThrottle


public void unchoke(Hash peer)
Specified by:
unchoke in interface OutboundMessageFragments.ActiveThrottle


public boolean isChoked(Hash peer)
Specified by:
isChoked in interface OutboundMessageFragments.ActiveThrottle