Class OutboundReceiver

  extended by net.i2p.router.tunnel.OutboundReceiver
All Implemented Interfaces:

 class OutboundReceiver
extends java.lang.Object
implements TunnelGateway.Receiver

Receive the outbound message after it has been preprocessed and encrypted, then forward it on to the first hop in the tunnel.

Constructor Summary
OutboundReceiver(RouterContext ctx, TunnelCreatorConfig cfg)
Method Summary
 long receiveEncrypted(byte[] encrypted)
          Take the encrypted data and send it off to the next hop
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Constructor Detail


public OutboundReceiver(RouterContext ctx,
                        TunnelCreatorConfig cfg)
Method Detail


public long receiveEncrypted(byte[] encrypted)
Description copied from interface: TunnelGateway.Receiver
Take the encrypted data and send it off to the next hop

Specified by:
receiveEncrypted in interface TunnelGateway.Receiver
message ID it was sent in, or -1 if it had to be deferred