Class ClientPeerSelector

  extended by net.i2p.router.tunnel.pool.TunnelPeerSelector
      extended by net.i2p.router.tunnel.pool.ClientPeerSelector

 class ClientPeerSelector
extends TunnelPeerSelector

Pick peers randomly out of the fast pool, and put them into tunnels ordered by XOR distance from a random key.

Constructor Summary
Method Summary
 java.util.List selectPeers(RouterContext ctx, TunnelPoolSettings settings)
          Which peers should go into the next tunnel for the given settings?
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Constructor Detail


Method Detail


public java.util.List selectPeers(RouterContext ctx,
                                  TunnelPoolSettings settings)
Description copied from class: TunnelPeerSelector
Which peers should go into the next tunnel for the given settings?

Specified by:
selectPeers in class TunnelPeerSelector
ordered list of Hash objects (one per peer) specifying what order they should appear in a tunnel (endpoint first). This includes the local router in the list. If there are no tunnels or peers to build through, and the settings reject 0 hop tunnels, this will return null.