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Uses of BitField in org.klomp.snark

Fields in org.klomp.snark declared as BitField
(package private)  BitField PeerState.bitfield

Methods in org.klomp.snark that return BitField
 BitField Storage.getBitField()
          The BitField that tells which pieces this storage contains.
 BitField Snark.CompleteListener.getSavedTorrentBitField(Snark snark)
 BitField SnarkManager.getSavedTorrentBitField(Snark snark)
          Get the saved bitfield for a torrent from the config file.

Methods in org.klomp.snark with parameters of type BitField
 void Storage.check(java.lang.String rootDir, long savedTime, BitField savedBitField)
          use a saved bitfield and timestamp from a config file
 Request PeerListener.getPeerPartial(BitField havePieces)
          Called when a peer has connected and there may be a partially downloaded piece that the coordinatorator can give the peer task
 Request PeerCoordinator.getPeerPartial(BitField havePieces)
          Return partial piece if it's still wanted and peer has it.
 boolean PeerListener.gotBitField(Peer peer, BitField bitfield)
          Called when a bitmap message is received.
 boolean PeerCoordinator.gotBitField(Peer peer, BitField bitfield)
          Returns true if the given bitfield contains at least one piece we are interested in.
 void Peer.runConnection(I2PSnarkUtil util, PeerListener listener, BitField bitfield)
          Runs the connection to the other peer.
 void SnarkManager.saveTorrentStatus(MetaInfo metainfo, BitField bitfield)
          Save the completion status of a torrent and the current time in the config file in the form "i2psnark.zmeta.
(package private)  void PeerConnectionOut.sendBitfield(BitField bitfield)
 int PeerListener.wantPiece(Peer peer, BitField bitfield)
          Called when we are downloading from the peer and need to ask for a new piece.
 int PeerCoordinator.wantPiece(Peer peer, BitField havePieces)
          Returns one of pieces in the given BitField that is still wanted or -1 if none of the given pieces are wanted.