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Uses of MetaInfo in org.klomp.snark

Fields in org.klomp.snark declared as MetaInfo
 MetaInfo Snark.meta
(package private)  MetaInfo PeerState.metainfo
(package private)  MetaInfo PeerCoordinator.metainfo
(package private)  MetaInfo Peer.metainfo

Methods in org.klomp.snark that return MetaInfo
 MetaInfo PeerCoordinator.getMetaInfo()
 MetaInfo Storage.getMetaInfo()
          Returns the MetaInfo associated with this Storage.
 MetaInfo MetaInfo.reannounce(java.lang.String announce)
          Creates a copy of this MetaInfo that shares everything except the announce URL.

Methods in org.klomp.snark with parameters of type MetaInfo
static java.util.Set TrackerInfo.getPeers(BDecoder be, byte[] my_id, MetaInfo metainfo)
static java.util.Set TrackerInfo.getPeers( in, byte[] my_id, MetaInfo metainfo)
static java.util.Set TrackerInfo.getPeers(java.util.List l, byte[] my_id, MetaInfo metainfo)
 void SnarkManager.removeTorrentStatus(MetaInfo metainfo)
          Remove the status of a torrent from the config file.
 void SnarkManager.saveTorrentStatus(MetaInfo metainfo, BitField bitfield)
          Save the completion status of a torrent and the current time in the config file in the form "i2psnark.zmeta.

Constructors in org.klomp.snark with parameters of type MetaInfo
Peer(I2PSocket sock, in, out, byte[] my_id, MetaInfo metainfo)
          Creates a unconnected peer from the input and output stream got from the socket.
Peer(PeerID peerID, byte[] my_id, MetaInfo metainfo)
          Creates a disconnected peer given a PeerID, your own id and the relevant MetaInfo.
PeerCoordinator(I2PSnarkUtil util, byte[] id, MetaInfo metainfo, Storage storage, CoordinatorListener listener, Snark torrent)
PeerState(Peer peer, PeerListener listener, MetaInfo metainfo, PeerConnectionIn in, PeerConnectionOut out)
Storage(I2PSnarkUtil util, MetaInfo metainfo, StorageListener listener)
          Creates a new storage based on the supplied MetaInfo.
TrackerClient(I2PSnarkUtil util, MetaInfo meta, PeerCoordinator coordinator)
TrackerInfo(BDecoder be, byte[] my_id, MetaInfo metainfo)
TrackerInfo( in, byte[] my_id, MetaInfo metainfo)
TrackerInfo(java.util.Map m, byte[] my_id, MetaInfo metainfo)