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Uses of Snark in org.klomp.snark

Fields in org.klomp.snark declared as Snark
(package private)  Snark PeerCoordinator.snark

Methods in org.klomp.snark that return Snark
 Snark SnarkManager.getTorrent(java.lang.String filename)
          Grab the torrent given the (canonical) filename of the .torrent file
 Snark SnarkManager.getTorrentByBaseName(java.lang.String filename)
          Grab the torrent given the base name of the storage
(package private) static Snark Snark.parseArguments(java.lang.String[] args)
(package private) static Snark Snark.parseArguments(java.lang.String[] args, StorageListener slistener, CoordinatorListener clistener)
          Sets debug, ip and torrent variables then creates a Snark instance.
 Snark SnarkManager.stopTorrent(java.lang.String filename, boolean shouldRemove)
          Stop the torrent, leaving it on the list of torrents unless told to remove it

Methods in org.klomp.snark with parameters of type Snark
 BitField Snark.CompleteListener.getSavedTorrentBitField(Snark snark)
 BitField SnarkManager.getSavedTorrentBitField(Snark snark)
          Get the saved bitfield for a torrent from the config file.
 long Snark.CompleteListener.getSavedTorrentTime(Snark snark)
 long SnarkManager.getSavedTorrentTime(Snark snark)
          Get the timestamp for a torrent from the config file
 void Snark.CompleteListener.torrentComplete(Snark snark)
 void SnarkManager.torrentComplete(Snark snark)
          two listeners
 void Snark.CompleteListener.updateStatus(Snark snark)
 void SnarkManager.updateStatus(Snark snark)

Constructors in org.klomp.snark with parameters of type Snark
PeerCoordinator(I2PSnarkUtil util, byte[] id, MetaInfo metainfo, Storage storage, CoordinatorListener listener, Snark torrent)