Package org.klomp.snark

Interface Summary
CoordinatorListener Callback used when some peer changes state.
PeerListener Listener for Peer events.
ShutdownListener Callback for end of shutdown sequence.
StorageListener Callback used when Storage changes.

Class Summary
BitField Container of a byte array representing set and unset bits.
BWLimits Connect via I2CP and ask the router the bandwidth limits.
ConnectionAcceptor Accepts connections on a TCP port and routes them to sub-acceptors.
I2PSnarkUtil I2P specific helpers for I2PSnark We use this class as a sort of context for i2psnark so we can run multiple instances of single Snarks (but not multiple SnarkManagers, it is still static)
MetaInfo Note: this class is buggy, as it doesn't propogate custom meta fields into the bencoded info data, and from there to the info_hash.
PeerAcceptor Accepts incomming connections from peers.
PeerCheckerTask TimerTask that checks for good/bad up/downloader.
PeerCoordinator Coordinates what peer does what.
PeerCoordinatorSet Hmm, any guesses as to what this is?
PeerMonitorTask TimerTask that monitors the peers and total up/download speeds.
Request Holds all information needed for a partial piece request.
Snark Main Snark program startup class.
SnarkManager Manage multiple snarks
SnarkShutdown Makes sure everything ends correctly when shutting down.
StaticSnark Main snark startup class for staticly linking with gcj.
Storage Maintains pieces on disk.
TrackerClient Informs metainfo tracker of events and gets new peers for peer coordinator.