Package org.jrobin.core

Interface Summary
RrdDataSet Interface to represent a JRobin dataset.

Class Summary
ArcDef Class to represent single archive definition within the RRD.
Archive Class to represent single RRD archive in a RRD with its internal state.
ArcState Class to represent internal RRD archive state for a single datasource.
Datasource Class to represent single datasource within RRD.
DsDef Class to represent single data source definition within the RRD.
FetchData Class used to represent data fetched from the RRD.
FetchPoint Deprecated. This class is deprecated since 1.2.0 and might be removed from future releases of JRobin.
FetchRequest Class to represent fetch request.
Header Class to represent RRD header.
Robin Class to represent archive values for a single datasource.
RrdBackend Base implementation class for all backend classes.
RrdBackendFactory Base (abstract) backend factory class which holds references to all concrete backend factories and defines abstract methods which must be implemented in all concrete factory implementations.
RrdDb Main class used to create and manipulate round robin databases (RRDs).
RrdDbPool Class to represent the pool of open RRD files.
RrdDef Class to represent definition of new Round Robin Database (RRD).
RrdDefTemplate Class used to create an arbitrary number of RrdDef (RRD definition) objects from a single XML template.
RrdFileBackend JRobin backend which is used to store RRD data to ordinary files on the disk.
RrdFileBackendFactory Factory class which creates actual RrdFileBackend objects.
RrdMemoryBackend Backend which is used to store all RRD bytes in memory.
RrdMemoryBackendFactory Factory class which creates actual RrdMemoryBackend objects.
RrdNioBackend JRobin backend which is used to store RRD data to ordinary disk files by using fast java.nio.* package.
RrdNioBackendFactory Factory class which creates actual RrdNioBackend objects.
RrdOpener Class that represents an object that can be used to perform the actual opening and closing of RRD files, using different methods.
RrdToolkit Class used to perform various complex operations on RRD files.
Sample Class to represent data source values for the given timestamp.
Util Class defines various utility functions used in JRobin.
Util.Xml Various DOM utility functions
XmlTemplate Class used as a base class for various XML template related classes.
XmlWriter Extremely simple utility class used to create XML documents.

Exception Summary
RrdException Class to represent various JRobin checked exceptions.